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  • Heavy Duty Tooling for Large Diameter Applications
  • Through Coolant
  • Hardened and CNC Ground
  • Fits Standard Shell Mill adaptors
  • 10 Degree Helix
  • 0.250" Thick Carbide Inserts with Locking Angle
  • Dimensions shown in Inches (mm)
Products specifications
(d) Cutter Dia. for IH:0.600 2.500"
(d) Cutter Dia. for IH:0.650 2.600"
(d) Cutter Dia. for IH:0.700 2.700"
(d) Cutter Dia. for IH:0.750 2.800"
(d) Cutter Dia. for IH:0.950 3.200"
Insert Size ITH2515
(l) Length of Cut 1.500"
Number of Flutes 6
(D) Hole Diameter 0.750"
Face Diameter 1.900"
Slot Width 0.313"
Tool Style Shell Mill Tool Style (Fits Standard Shell Mill Adaptors)