Custom Tool Examples

Since our standard platforms can't be every thing to every application, sometimes a new platform has to be created to achieve the right throughput. Below are several examples of tools that were a work in process and some of them may become standards in the near future based on their initial success. Please Request Information for pricing and information on these specific items.

Face Grooving Tool: This tool was created to mill a specific form on top of a connecting rod for a combustion engine. The mating form was generated on the cap in order to facilitate a perfect mate, precluding any shifting between the two surfaces. The form was generated by plunging in the Z-Axis down onto the part.

Stubby Tool: The 1.0" long insert is for larger bodies for short threads. With this tool we now have more inserts in the cut, standard inserts and a short, stubby tool to cut short thread forms with.

Face and End Milling Tool: Utilizing a modified shell mill from our standard stock, this face mill has coolant through down at the bottom corners. The insert locating pin is further down in the body facilitating the "flippable" design. These types of tools have been in ductile iron applications for years and work very well for finish milling of various surfaces in a large variety of applications. As everything, including the inserts and tool bodies are ground, tool life is exceptional.

Adjustable Insert Face Grooving Tool: Using Advent 410 Inserts, this tool is used by plunging into the workpiece in the Z-Axis only. Pipe flanges in industry vary widely in diameter, so this tool is designed with some compensation in mind. If you look closely you can see how the wedge and the insert can be moved away from the tool centerline for different part arrangements. Using inserts with your specific form in mind, getting surfaces and gaskets to seal the first time is now within reach.

Combination Tool: Smaller thread form further inside a bore, with another thread form in the same bore or nearby.

Double Sided Insert Tool: Similar to Stubby Tool, the main difference is that this tool has "flippable" inserts for short threads, rather than shorter inserts. These 410A class inserts have much more mass and are much more durable than the rest. Unlike our competition, if you chip one tooth, you really have another edge that is useable.

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