Custom Thread Mill Insert Examples

Long known for thread milling, we are an established leader in the field with patentable technologies, precision ground tools and stable milling platforms. Over the past three years we have developed and perfected a range of milling products somewhat outside of the box, but still using our current line of toolholders, sometimes with small modifications. If you have a medium to long run of workpieces and need to reduce cycle time and increase throughput, send us a part print and specs on your machine tool(s). We have engineers to duplicate your form on our platform. This will greatly enhance your production rates. Please Request Information for pricing and information on these specific items.

This is one of our 410A class skipped tooth inserts. Designed for tougher materials with coarser pitches and/or longer thread depths, this design helps reduce side load pressure on the tool and spindle, ensuring better finish and longer tool life.

A newer design, this insert is for face and bottom finish milling. This double ended insert was designed to be flipped over in the pocket (for two cutting edges per insert) and with a .040" corner radius. Used in conjunction with our mill bodies suited to this type of milling, we provide a completely ground indexable cutting tool with more inserts in the cut than any other design on the market. Tool life, finish and part quality are greatly enhanced with precision tools of this type.

This design has two identical forms due to the length of the insert and has been in production for two years. The workpiece milled here is the inside of the ear of a drive shaft yoke. With one end, we circular interpolate the front chamfer, groove and back chamfer, all in one pass. When the workpiece indexes, the other end of the insert goes to work, thus evening out wear. Tool changes and cycle time were drastically decreased and tool life tripled.

This is a prime example of a special form. This insert, used with a shell mill body, replaced a broaching operation on ductile iron parts. Due to the precision ground structure of the mill body, the insert and the way it is located, tracking of the inserts (14 in 2.5" diameter in this case) was dead on. With that platform, one body roughs and one body finishes the parts.

This 8NPT form in our 410A class insert is an Advent classic and within our top 5 selling inserts. We get the whole NPT thread depth in one pass. Drill a straight hole, use our body and this tapered insert and you are done.

Once a special, this 410A class insert is now a standard. This 8 Pitch Buttress thread form is becoming more and more common. We have them in stock.

A real problem solver. Face milling up against a short shoulder with .040" corner radius and a 30º chamfer on another shoulder. This double ended 410A class insert is actually combined in one cutter body with three other inserts to do a multitude of operations; all with one tool change and a lot of flutes in the cut to balance the tool. This tool will also fit the popular Kaiser CKB/CKS modular tooling syste

An example of one of our standard 410A class inserts. It is 1.5" long and will mill 6UN thread forms time and time again. Available in several forms, including positive rake, cam ground or form ground, we have the insert available for whatever material your workpiece is made of.

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