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  • Economical Alternative for Short Run Jobs
  • Uses Standard Advent Inserts
  • Hardened and CNC Ground
  • Standard Weldon Shanks
  • Coolant thru the center option (K)
  • Dimensions shown in Inches (mm)
  • *Fine Pitch Inserts: 40UN - 10UN and M1.0 - M2.75
    *Coarse Pitches Inserts: 9UN - 4UN, M3.0 and Up, and All Tapered Forms

    Minimum I.D. Thread recommended for FINE Pitches ONLY!!!
    For Coarse Pitches in internal applications double check tool cutter diameter and minor diameter for proper clearance.

    Minimum size threads are, by default, listed in this catalog to 'fine pitch inserts.' Please keep this in mind when picking an Advent Tool; especially for your I.D. thread form. Too large a cutter diameter relative to the minor diameter of your thread form will have adverse effects on every aspect of your thread/form milling operation(s).
    For example, a #125-TA-78-F3 tool loaded with 12 pitch inserts has a cutter diameter of 0.970". The same tool loaded with 8 pitch (or even tapered form inserts) has a cutter diameter of 1.100"! In cases like these, with your minor diameter in mind, you may opt to choose a smaller diameter Advent Tool: But by all means contact us or your local representative for guidance!

Products specifications
(d) Cutter Dia. for IH:0.250 0.844 (21.44)
(d) Cutter Dia. for IH:0.310 0.964 (24.49)
Insert Size 38B
(l) Length of Cut 1.500 (38)
Number of Flutes 1
(L) Overall Tool Length 4.5 (114)
(D) Shank Diameter 1.000
UN Minimum I.D. Thread (Fine pitch only) 1
ISO Minimum I.D. Thread (Fine pitch only) M27
NPT Minimum I.D. Thread 1"-11.5NPT
Tool Style Single Flute
Special Tool Version or Modification No coolant thru the center
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